Ankle/foot pain

footThe ankle and foot contain a complex variety of structures which work in combination to withstand huge forces during walking and running, but which are flexible at the same time – a tough combination to achieve. Any disruption to this finely balanced system can cause pain, poor posture and mobility problems.

The rear foot needs to be stable to provide a firm platform for the calf and shin muscles to apply significant forces via strong tendons like the Achilles.

The mid foot adapts to uneven surfaces and acts as a shock absorber. The joints are more mobile with inward and outward movement, and less mobile – and therefore more stable – with upward and downward movements of the ankle.

The forefoot is the most mobile part of the foot and acts as a strong yet flexible lever and shock absorber when walking or running.

A wide range of conditions including tendonitis, tendonosis, strains, sprains or ruptures are diagnosed accurately and are effectively treated by our physiotherapists, sometimes in combination with the Arches’ specialist podiatry clinic.

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