Physiotherapy is essential for efficient recovery after many types of orthopaedic surgery. Whether you require six to nine months of rehabilitation after an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction, or six weeks of therapy after a simple “clean up” procedure, specialist care and guidance produce the best long-term recovery.

Joint stiffness, swelling, pain, reduced movement and weakness are all common after surgery, and all need to be addressed in order to restore normal function.

Consult a physiotherapist about when you should start your rehabilitation, as different surgeries require very different approaches. Once you are advised to begin treatment, do not hesitate, as delays can have an extremely negative impact on speed and quality of recovery.

Arches Physiotherapists have specialist training in post-operative rehabilitation and will put you on the best course to maximize your recovery. Our in-house gym offers excellent, modern equipment to help the process where required.

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Doctors usually immobilise a broken bone in a cast until it heals properly…and your rehabilitation starts long before the cast comes off.

Once the immobilisation period has finished, the affected area will be left very stiff and weak. Physiotherapy to mobilise stiff joints, stretch out tight soft tissue and strengthen weakened muscle is essential to a speedy recovery. Where appropriate, our well-equipped, in-house gym is available to help the process.

This process generally lasts about six weeks, depending on age, bone quality and type of fracture. Contact Arches Physiotherapy to ensure the best possible outcome.

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