Neck pain

footNeck pain can originate from many sources including discs, muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments and connective tissue. It is often challenging to pinpoint the specific structure responsible, and environmental or social factors such as stress can have a profound effect on the onset of neck pain. Our physiotherapists are trained in making these subtle diagnoses.

Neck pain and dysfunction are not always perceived only in your neck. Problems originating in the neck can frequently be felt throughout the arm to the tips of your fingers and experienced as pain, numbness or tingling. Upper neck problems commonly cause a headache radiating from the base of the skull.

Expertly applied manual, hands-on techniques and specific exercise have been shown to improve the speed of recovery following an episode of neck pain. Like lower back pain, treatment in the early days of your condition is more effective than later, so don’t delay your treatment – book an assessment now.

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