Arches Pilates

spinal physioArches is a leading physio-led Pilates centre. We have run specialised programmes and classes at our studio since 2007. The classes originated from the need to rehabilitate patients with ongoing back problems, and have grown to incorporate general injury prevention, sport-specific rehabilitation and ante-/post-natal classes, as well as catering for those who just enjoy Pilates. We offer a range of daytime and evening classes for both genders and all ability levels, plus one-to-one appointments throughout the week. New sessions are being added all the time – contact us about times and dates.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a combination of strength, mobility and stretching exercises performed on a mat. It is important to have a movement specialist teaching and correcting these exercises to ensure they are performed correctly to ensure good postural alignment and core stability. Once a basic knowledge and strength are achieved, the beginner will feel stronger and maintain better posture. You may choose to progress to intermediate level, where additional equipment is employed, and beyond.
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